Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones at Bridges Inc in Sacramento uses #Nword and Christy Knutson supports use of #Nword. #DogPoundersNetwork #TastyJizzBomb #WetMouth916 #JillianLeAnnQuistJones #VannaSweets #SlurpyDogPussy #DogDickLover916 #PF916 #SlurpvilleUSA #DogDickLicker916 #k9katchernsac #BaysideChurch #bridgesInc #GiveMeThoseEyes #GetDownOnIt #MethMeltDown #MaCUNTa #ALLiSUCK #ALLiFUCK #JACKsonOFF #Stinks #TinyTinyWorthlessONE #RJQ_916 #MakennaQuist #AllisonQuist #ChristyKnutson #KenKnutson #Nword #BridgesIncSupportsRacism #ChristyKnutsonSupportsJillianJones ***BRIDGES INC OUTPATIENT SERVICES OWNER CHRISTY KNUTSON APPROVES OF RACIAL SLURS AND THE USE OF THE N-WORD!!*** Now this Sexual Predator who violates Animals and Dogs and Horses specifically in one Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones from Sacramento and ROSEVILLE CA and Addiction Therapist at Bridges Inc Outpatient Services in Sacramento uses the N-WORD ! JILLIAN IS ADDICTED TO SPEWING THAT WORD OUT IF HER MOUTH!! Maybe the addiction therapist herself should get some addiction therapy for using that word because she so addicted to using it! And while she’s at it getting me addiction therapy for using the n-word maybe she should get some addiction therapy for messing with dogs she was convicted of bestiality last year and she needs some addiction therapy with that too Oh yeah and while she’s getting the addiction therapy for using the n-word and messing with dogs she needs to get some addiction therapy for being a prostitute she’s also a prostitute in Sacramento using the name Vanna Sweets. Oh yeah almost forgotten when Jillian is getting the addiction therapy for those three why doesn’t she get some Addiction therapy for doing PORN and talking about her daughters while making PORN videos for Jillians kink incest PORN ROLEPLAY fetish. Seriously this lady is out of control she kink role-plays her children on porn videos talking about them and their names. Jillian molest and violates dogs and use the N-word on people. Jillian will do anything to get people in trouble as she doesn’t discriminate like that!!! Only with the N-WORD!! Jillian makes false report to the police and get them in criminal trouble and convicted for 100 percent false accusations and later admits to lying on film!! Video footage of most of the stuff she posts on craigslist for Dog’s video and she throws everybody under the bus her family her kids her family’s name everything!!! So today this is where it stands. A few different Advocacy groups have called over to Bridges Inc. OutPatient Services to speak to Christy Knutson the owner or Ken Knutson and they did get in touch with Christy and Christy says she has no problem with Jillian saying the N-word can you believe that!! NO PROBLEM!! NO PROBLEM at all so this is getting really interesting I haven’t heard somebody not caring about somebody using the N-word ever especially SOMEONE SAYING THEY DONT CARE And HAVE NO PRIOBLEM WITH AN EMPLOYEE WHO REPRESENTS THEIR COMPANY AND SAYING THEY DONT CARE!! That’s gonna blow the roof off the place are you kidding me !! UNBELIEVABLE Christy Knutson supports racism!! **** CHRISTY KNUTSON THE OWNER OF BRIDGES INC OUTPATIENT SERVICES IN SACRAMENTO AT 3600 Howe Ave SUPPORTS RACIST AND HER EMPLOYEE FOR USING DERAGATORY AND RACIST SLURS AS JILLIAN LEANN QUIST JONES AN ADDICTION THERAPIST AT BRIDGES INC IS ON VIDEO FOOTAGE SAYING AND CALLING AN INDIVIDUAL THE N-WORD!! I understand you have a tenant at the property that is of GREAT questionable character and ethics as shes shown to have a propensity to violate dogs people children all the way across the board everybody and all ethnicities you can see the YouTube video online right now where she called somebody the n-word the n-word are you kidding me it’s online and it’s going to be sent to the people over there so the tenants can see this that she’s a racist it needs to be known and everybody needs to be aware of her she was convicted of bestiality in 2019 for having sex with dogs while she was pregnant she’s a racist and she does kink incest porn with her girls she’s a bad person she gets people in trouble lies to the authorities so they get false criminal convictions… Anybody know other Beast sites cuz. thot she would be actually fucking since there is all this and that about the #SlurpyDogPussy and how she is into #KnottyRuffTimes but I guess she just does role play with dogs too just like she does with her daughters and no actual fucking that’s weak as fuk whoever makes it like Jillian is fucking all sorts of dogs and its weak as fuck but IDK for some reason I believe there is video of her fucking dogs but Jillian just hasn’t released them out yet as it’s part of some weird end game strategy she’s playing in some bigger unknown game while we all play checkers she’s playing chess. Fucking wow this chick is off da meat rack!! #JillianLeAnn QuistJones is on the MOVE!! Kink porn videos doing role play with #MakennaQuist & #AllisonQuist as Jillian aka #VannaSweets has new phone numbers & new address after having to move from 281 Sharp Circle becuz Jillian got caught for fucking the neighbors dogs!! **BROADCAST EMERGENCY** #ZOOPHILIAPOLICE HOT ON THE TRAIL #JillianLeAnnQuistJones LOVES to KINK INCEST ROLE PLAY her daughter’s #MakennaQuist & #AllisonQuist 805- 741-6758 916-705-1643 7605 Kilarney Ln #250 Citrus Heights CA. So new #kinknumber and new #kinkaddress as well as new #bestialitynumber and #bestialityaddress. #JillianLeAnnQuistJones New #KinkNumber # KinkAddress 805-741-6758 916-705-1643 Jillian does all her #Bestiality and Kink Incest Role Play Porn Videos of #MakennaQuist & #AllisonQuist w/ NEW PHONE NUMBERS & NEW ADDRESS!! JILLIANS A PROFESSIONAL KINKSTER! & PROFESSIONAL PROSTITUTE USING THE NAME #VANNASWEETS She apparently is very popular online and I don’t understand it but she is a hit for sure!! I hope her new phone numbers and new #kinkaddress work out for Jillian but who knows but she better not fuck the neighbors dog over her at 7605 Kilarney Ln #250 Citrus Heights because she will have to move again for doing the same thing she did over at 281 Sharp Circle Unit #4 Roseville CA. #DogPoundersNetwork #TastyJizzBomb #WetMouth916 #JillianLeAnnQuistJones #VannaSweets #SlurpyDogPussy #DogDickLover916 #PF916 #SlurpvilleUSA #DogDickLicker916 #k9katchernsac #BaysideChurch #bridgesInc #GiveMeThoseEyes #GetDownOnIt #MethMeltDown #MaCUNTa #ALLiSUCK #ALLiFUCK #JACKsonOFF #Stinks #TinyTinyWorthlessONE #RJQ_916 #MakennaQuist #AllisonQuist[Jillian Quist Jones & Christy Knutson BOTH APPROVE OF N-WORD!!]( Mx O.C.

Phone number: (805) 741-6758 Location: 7605 Kilarney Lane #250 Citrus Heights CA Email:
Status Active Predator




In: California By: [ Grey Star Level]

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