New York

Randy W. Hansel

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Feb 14, 2021

Frank sciarrino

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Jan 24, 2021

Sex Predator Derrick Snowdy is a pedophile in Toronto Oakville Ontario Canada Private Investigator. Derrick Snowdy is a 57 year-old convicted criminal and a registered sex offender who has lengthy criminal record for sexual assault, sexual interference, making and distributing child porn0graphy and many other sex offences against children! Derrick Snowdy in Toronto (Oakville) Ontario Canada is a sexual predator who prowls on young children and lures kids on the internet to send him nude pics. Sex predator Derrick Snowdy is a sicko pervert and people need to watch out for this crook! Derrick Snowdy is a sexual offender who is barred from going near schools, parks and other places where children are known to frequent and he is not allowed to communicate with anyone under the age of 18 unless he accompanied by an adult. This kiddie P0RN lover Derrick Snowdy is a wannabe private investigator / lowlife security guard who has also been convicted major fraud related offences including credit-card fraud, tax evasion, bank fraud and many other offences and he served a lengthy jail time upon conviction. The child rapist Derrick Snowdy talks like a big shot but in reality this pedo diddler Derrick Snowdy is an outta shape fat balding old overweight diseased-infected geezer loner who watches CHILD P0RN and airs his invective on the internet. Even escorts and prostitutes that he hired won’t sleep with this fatty for money, lol. Internet searches reveal that this pedophile Derrick Snowdy clown is a shady character who was involved in a political scandal involving MPs Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis which exposed what an uneducated failure L0SER he really is! If anyone comes across this pedophile freak Derrick Snowdy, call 911 immediately!!!!!!!!

Phone number: Location: Toronto Oakville Ontario Canada State: New York Email:

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Oct 5, 2020

Fake Lawsuit Internet Extortionist Attorney Maanit Zemel up in Canada Ontario Toronto Reviews Zemel van Kampen LLP Ryerson Law rate. Hello Community, Meet our latest entrant: Ms. Maanit Zemel of Zemel Van Kamen LLP. She’s an extortioner, liar, a cheater, a fraud, a convicted criminal, a sexual predator who goes for young hunky dudes and she has a tendency to subvert due process when duping an unsuspecting Judge to sign off on her latest scheme-for-profit. She’s alledgedly filed fake DMCA complaints and either has a judge in her pocket or is very crafty when dealing with local Magistrates. She scams victims out of money by filing fake DMCA complaints and fake court orders. She may be acting alone or have yet unidentified accomplices (we’re still in the early stages of discovery but have an unconfirmed report that she’s in touch with other well known cyber extortionists). Information is starting to trickle in, this cyber scam is International in scope: Maanit Zemel up in Toronto Canada may file a real DMCA complaint to have this post or her likeness removed; if so, we would like to see an updated photo, not the stock photo of days gone by. We will add the updated photo to the counternotice to have the post restored. This will be good for tracking purposes, as keeping the community informed with updates helps keep us all safe from predatory practices. We doubt, at this time, that she has any United States Judges in her pocket but, we’re still in the beginning stages of our investigation. is also on the case and may have more to confirm. PLEASE, if you have additional information which you think may help stop this predator, don’t hesitate to be a part of the process. You may submit it anonymously and we will take up the investigation to build the case. Make no mistake, she’s not innocent, and will be fully investigated and brought to justice. A Law Degree is for practicing law, not breaking the law. This can’t and won’t be twisted.

Phone number: (416) 646-1946 Location: Toronto Ontario Canada State: New York Email:

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Oct 1, 2020

Convicted Criminal Lawyer Cyber Extortionist Attorney Maanit Zemel up in Canada Ontario Toronto Reviews Zemel van Kampen LLP Ryerson Law rate Beware Players!!! I met this sad lonely failed Attorney Maanit Zemel on a local hookup site about three months ago. Maanit Zemel is a corrupt cyber extortionist from Toronto Ontario Canada who shakes down businesses to pay up big money but she can’t even take down posts about herself posted all over the internet. I pity the fools who hire this fraudulent attorney in Canada is a convicted criminal who never wins her cases. Read about this crooked scammer Maanit on We agreed to meet in a downtown hotel bar where I overheard her talking about a case she had misrepresented as the crappy lawyer that she is, flat out blew it off and lost, and her client was pissed off and cursing loudly. That’s how I knew she was an attorney, although she never said as much. She wanted to talk about the rest of the night and started drinking fast and was ready to reorder before I was halfway done with my drink. Her profile said she was into light kink, toys and large dicks. She looked a little shy at first and blushed a little as she asked me what I was working with…!? I guided her hand to my crotch and she smiled as she felt for herself. She said she wanted to be the judge and I should imagine her wearing a robe. We had a few more quick drinks and she suggested a little out-of-the-way dumpy hotel nearby. I followed her and we soon pulled into the parking lot a few blocks from the hotel where we had met for drinks. I asked why we didn’t just stay at the hotel where we had drinks and she said her partner sometimes drank there. She got the room which was nice since I had spent as much on the alcohol. Once we got into the room and pulled the curtains, her shyness disappeared. I used the restroom and she was naked before I flushed the toilet – I could see her in the mirror through the open door. She was standing there naked and smiling a deprived cougar smile. I guess she was somewhere in her early fifties and I’m only 24. Her saggy titties didn’t exactly excite me but I was there to bust a nut and move on. The alcohol was doing a good job of letting me concentrate on the rest of her body. I started to unbutton my shirt and she had my zipper down and was on her knees before I had two buttons undone. She must not get layed very often, I thought, as she did her thing on the end of my junk. I made an alcohol-induced blunder and entered her without protection. Big mistake, and I’ll pay for it for the rest of my life. The doctor let me know the crabs were treatable but the genital warts will reoccur throughout my life. There is medication to lesssen the symptoms during outbreaks but I’m still “contageous, like Charlie Sheen,” he said. I can still lead a somewhat normal sex life but I’ll always be a carrier for genital warts and I have to notify any future sex partner. If I could just go back in time and avoid this venereal vendor, believe me I would. And she never said a word about potential contageon and I didn’t see any warts in the dimness of the room, lit only by the television. I don’t apologize for my sexual prediliction, I’m young. However, I feel she owes me an apology since she has to know she’s infected. I tried the number for her office on at least a dozen occcasions, she’s never there. I found her picture on Google and WebActivism, but she’s at least 20-years older than her photo and saggy tits suggest. I read alot of complaints about her, too. As much as I hate thinking about her at all, I’m trying to spare someone else a lifetime of regret Now you know…wear a raincoat with this one… Read more about Maanit on Maanit Zemel is a classic home wrecker. She gets involved only with men in relationships with kids and then jumps around and will cheat on the guy who she just got to leave his family on another guy with a family. If she hears that there are problems she will convince them to sleep with her and then blackmail them to leave. She will then make claims against the mother to make her seem bad and then completely move on once the guy realizes that she’s cheating. Home wrecking is her hobby. I’m a friend and watch this go down time and time again. She’s been married once and has been engaged many times. If she starts being around you or your family watch out! She just likes the thrill! Published at Mon, 09 Mar 2020 22:33:07 +0000

Phone number: Location: Toronto Ontario Canada State: New York Email:

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Sep 17, 2020

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