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EXPOSED!!! Derya Abdullah is an STD infected hooker who sleeps with old men for money! Toronto Windsor Ontario Canada Hawww yeeaah son, this beeyootch Derya Abdullah be the biggest undacova prostitute takin after her bff hoe bag Aneeqa Farid. There be nuff photos of Derya Abdullah chillin’ and loungin’ with old grandpa suggar daddy mofos on her fukkk trips with Aneeqa Farid, Jasrina, Rabea, Amna n all dem hoez. Derya Abdullah got at least a 100 dude body count (thanks to her bestie Aneeqa) and most of dem homies be old geezerz ova 65 years old. we be postin photos of Derya Abdullah, Jasrina, Aneeqa with dem old fellas on their Vegas trip. Derya Abdullah be smashed by 5 old asf dudes for $2K a pop! Aneeqa’s sugar daddy Lester be poppin’ Derya Abdullah in the raw for 5 g’s and he also smashed Derya Abdullah from the back in her booootaaay hole. Derya Abdullah n aneeqa farid had sex with many dudes togetha chaisn’ clout n’ gettin’ paid to be dickked by old married MFers for dirty cash monay! Videos of Derya Abdullah partayin it up with skanky thot Aneeqa in greece and turkey be posted all ova youtube. Derya Abdullah always been a lowkey escort in Toronto Windsor. Derya Abdullah be lookin’ like a dude with no makup on… lol Derya Abdullah is a big time drug addict who sniffs coke does heroin… and she be a alcoholic who be boozin’ up 24/7/365. She be hella easy to bang n sex up on da a random. Derya Abdullah’s gyal Aneeqa’s been exposed as a sugar baby hooker who be gettin’ dicked by old granpas… now time 4 Derya Abdullah to be exposed y’all

Phone number: Location: Toronto Windsor Ontario Canada State: New York Email: [email protected]

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Jun 8, 2020

EXPOSED!!! Hooker Aneeqa Farid and her sugar daddy Toronto Canada Well lookie here… Toronto-based Instagram thot Aneeqa Farid is a prostitute who sleeps with old geezers in exchange for money and gifts. LMAO Photos and videos of this STD infected hooker Aneeqa Farid with multiple old guys (over 65 years of age) are all on the web for y’all to see… on Twitter, IG, YouTube, Reddit. Haaaw yeah son, Aneeqa Farid has always been a lowekey escort but on Insta she put up this facade of livin’ the glorious life and travellin’ the world… all paid for by these grandpas that she got dicked by, lol. All those photos of her trips to Miami, Bahamas, Dubai were all sex-filled travels with these old-timers. Aneeqa Farid took along her hooker shordys / girl friends to get smashed by these old dudes for money. Group sex thang baby! Aneeqa Farid’s father is a Pakistani taxi driver, her mother (her father’s 1st cousin) is a disabled stay-at-home welfare collector and her terrorist brother is in jail for attempted terrorism. Aneeqa Farid lies to people sayin’ that she is 23 but on the real she be 37 yo. She old AF. All that heavy makupe, false lashes, boob job (paid for by a previous sugar daddy who sued her to get the money back) is an illusion. Aneeqa Farid lost her virginity at age 13 to a black man who was in his 50s, he bought her first cell phone, clothes, alcohol and lots of drugs. He also had an anal sex with Aneeq Farid according to her skanky friend Jasrina. Y’all MFers gotz to know Aneeqa Farid be a hella nasty call girl fo’ real yo. No brotha gonna marry this ho’. Aneeqa Farid may need to look in to IVF treatment afta all dat abortions, lmfao. More photos of this fake ass fat overweight thunder thigh slut Aneeqa Farid EXPOSED with her sugar daddy Lester at and also on

Phone number: Location: Toronto Ontario Canada State: New York Email: [email protected]

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Apr 18, 2020

Vincenzo Rocco

Phone number: (917) 666-6666 Location: Carmel, NY USA State: New York Email: [email protected]

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Apr 3, 2020

Jonathan Nolasco

Phone number: (646) 667-0276 Location: New York, New York State: New York Email: [email protected]

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Mar 25, 2020

Pedophile Mark Blagrove – HIV positive Jamaican drug dealer and serial child rapist in the New York area. BEWARE!!! NY PMP Hofstra Lectra. This is to inform people out there about convicted pedophile Mark Blagrove. Mark Blagrove has drugged and raped many women (many underage girls and boys under 9 years of age) but they are all too afraid to speak up because of threats of violence. He is drug dealer and a trafficker in the Tri-State area. Mark Blagrove is also HIV positive and is known to have AIDS. This is a public service announcement. Stay away from Mark Blagrove and if approaches you, call police immediately and snitch. Mark Blagrove is convict who resides in the New York City area. Mark Blagrove was recently let out on parole after serving a lengthy prison sentence for rape, confinement, robbery and attempted murder. Mark Blagrove is known to frequent bars seeking women and gay men for financial and sexual benefit purposes. Mark Blagrove has a long history of sexual violence and it is believed that he is also HIV positive among other STDs that he carries but he does not usually inform his victims of this. Mark Blagrove took advantage of me and many other vulnerable women. People need to watch out for this sexual predator Mark Blagrove!!! Check out the pictures of this ugly HIV positive AIDS infected Jamaican drug dealer that’s all over the internet. Not a single orthodontist can help this cat out. His ugly ass horse face teeth should be in jail, now that he is out on parole after a string of violent felony convictions. Mark Blagrove, PWW, Palatine William Wilson, The Buddy Love Show, Deep House Page, North Shore Health, New York, City Bartenders, Hofstra, EMRG Media, LabCorp, Lab Corp, Mark B The Mechanic, Lectura USA, Big Machines, Callidus Cloud, Oracle, Softomotive, BMC Software, Blackstar Consulting Hofstra MBA

Phone number: Location: New York NY State: New York Email:

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Mar 17, 2020

Corrupt Lawyer Cyber Extortionist Attorney Maanit Zemel up in Canada Ontario Toronto Reviews Zemel van Kampen LLP Ryerson Law rate Beware Players!!! I met this sad lonely failed Attorney Maanit Zemel on a local hookup site about three months ago. Maanit Zemel is a corrupt cyber extortionist from Toronto Ontario Canada who shakes down businesses to pay up big money but she can’t even take down posts about herself posted all over the internet. I pity the fools who hire this fraudulent attorney in Canada is a convicted criminal who never wins her cases. Read about this crooked scammer Maanit on We agreed to meet in a downtown hotel bar where I overheard her talking about a case she had misrepresented as the crappy lawyer that she is, flat out blew it off and lost, and her client was pissed off and cursing loudly. That’s how I knew she was an attorney, although she never said as much. She wanted to talk about the rest of the night and started drinking fast and was ready to reorder before I was halfway done with my drink. Her profile said she was into light kink, toys and large dicks. She looked a little shy at first and blushed a little as she asked me what I was working with…!? I guided her hand to my crotch and she smiled as she felt for herself. She said she wanted to be the judge and I should imagine her wearing a robe. We had a few more quick drinks and she suggested a little out-of-the-way dumpy hotel nearby. I followed her and we soon pulled into the parking lot a few blocks from the hotel where we had met for drinks. I asked why we didn’t just stay at the hotel where we had drinks and she said her partner sometimes drank there. She got the room which was nice since I had spent as much on the alcohol. Once we got into the room and pulled the curtains, her shyness disappeared. I used the restroom and she was naked before I flushed the toilet – I could see her in the mirror through the open door. She was standing there naked and smiling a deprived cougar smile. I guess she was somewhere in her early fifties and I’m only 24. Her saggy titties didn’t exactly excite me but I was there to bust a nut and move on. The alcohol was doing a good job of letting me concentrate on the rest of her body. I started to unbutton my shirt and she had my zipper down and was on her knees before I had two buttons undone. She must not get layed very often, I thought, as she did her thing on the end of my junk. I made an alcohol-induced blunder and entered her without protection. Big mistake, and I’ll pay for it for the rest of my life. The doctor let me know the crabs were treatable but the genital warts will reoccur throughout my life. There is medication to lesssen the symptoms during outbreaks but I’m still “contageous, like Charlie Sheen,” he said. I can still lead a somewhat normal sex life but I’ll always be a carrier for genital warts and I have to notify any future sex partner. If I could just go back in time and avoid this venereal vendor, believe me I would. And she never said a word about potential contageon and I didn’t see any warts in the dimness of the room, lit only by the television. I don’t apologize for my sexual prediliction, I’m young. However, I feel she owes me an apology since she has to know she’s infected. I tried the number for her office on at least a dozen occcasions, she’s never there. I found her picture on Google and WebActivism, but she’s at least 20-years older than her photo and saggy tits suggest. I read alot of complaints about her, too. As much as I hate thinking about her at all, I’m trying to spare someone else a lifetime of regret Now you know…wear a raincoat with this one… Read more about Maanit on Maanit Zemel is a classic home wrecker. She gets involved only with men in relationships with kids and then jumps around and will cheat on the guy who she just got to leave his family on another guy with a family. If she hears that there are problems she will convince them to sleep with her and then blackmail them to leave. She will then make claims against the mother to make her seem bad and then completely move on once the guy realizes that she’s cheating. Home wrecking is her hobby. I’m a friend and watch this go down time and time again. She’s been married once and has been engaged many times. If she starts being around you or your family watch out! She just likes the thrill!

Phone number: (416) 937-9321 Location: Toronto Ontario Canada State: New York Email: [email protected]

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Mar 9, 2020

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