If you would like to be removed please choose one of the options below and then contact us by email.

In your email include all of the following (ALL 3 ITEMS ARE REQUIRED):

  1. Your first and last name
  2. The link directly to the page you are listed on
  3. The option you choose from the list below (we will not accept any stories or options not listed below)

If you have questions read our FAQ before contacting us

Option #1: Help Spread The Word about a sexual predator (free)

Many people make the excuse that the reason the lied, cheated, played games or are crazy is because of other people. Report those people and you will be removed. Report 3 other people (include proof) that are a sexual predator, predators, perverts or crazies.  Reports must meet the criteria here

Option #2: Independent 3rd Party Services (free)

However, this does not mean that the post will be removed. Only upon a successful challenge, the post will be removed if deemed maliciously motivated and unsubstantiated.

A valid 3rd-party arbitration service provides a neutral service to determine the validity of internet postings. is not affiliated with any arbitration services, its owners or subsidiaries.

For more information please visit the sites below: Account Has Been Suspended Account Has Been Suspended

Option #3: Charity Work at the American Red Cross (free)

  1. You contact us stating you wish to do charity work
  2. We contact the person who reported you and asks if they agree
  3. If they do not agree the process ends and report stays up
  4. If they agree that the person chooses a charity.
  5. You volunteer for 40 hours of work at the American Red Cross
  6. You provide proof that you worked there for 40 hours
  7. We remove your report in no way means intent to harm and is very reasonable to work with. The goal of this website is to protect our visitors from sexual predators and perverts and allow the abused to vent and report.