Andre Jae Canepa, San Jose, California

Phone number: Location: San Jose, California Email:
Status Active Predator




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Answer #1

He’s an ex-friend of mine. Currently, he resides in Grass Valley, California. He moved there with his folks nearing the end of July 2016.

The truth is that Andre (AJ) is actually the one who lied and cheated me out of my money when he ended up not paying me back like he said he would. He’s the kind of person that shouldn’t be trusted with money when I realized that I was just being used for money to buy him whatever he wants and whenever he wants it. That’s not what true friendship is about. Also, ladies should be careful and steer clear of him because of his impulsive sexual urges when single. One time, he pressed me into being used to release his sexual tension when he didn’t have sex for a while after the breakup with an ex-girlfriend. He told me that it’s doing him a favor as a friend to let him sniff my privates so he could jack off to relieve himself. At one point, he stated that we would’ve been f***ing if I don’t care about my virginity.

I’ve just come across this profile of him. Whoever submitted this profile about him must have a legitimate reason to do so. Word got around from a few of my female friends that he had been sending around his own dick pics and pictures of himself in women’s underwear. They even showed me proof of those inappropriate pictures that he sent. Since what he sent them was unwelcomed, it’s considered sexual harassment. A female friend of mine received such proof from someone who was a victim of his sexual harassment and wanted to pass that on to alert more others about him. Also, he sexted the girlfriend of a guy friend of mine and asked her if she wanted to see something down there (meaning his dick). Her boyfriend was right to confront him through his girlfriend’s messenger about his wrongdoing and stand in for her by letting him be aware that she’s taken by him. Andre blocked his girlfriend in response for him to avoid dealing with him.

Also, he has slandered/defamed me all over the internet by giving out my personal contact information on the following sites:

What he’s doing by giving out my personal contact information is threatening my safety, which exposes me to potential danger by unknowingly making me the target of sexual predators and risk me getting kidnapped and raped.

His cellphone number that he used to contact me to inform me of his first slandering/defamation of me is (530) 788-8386.


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Answer #2

Dated on June 6, 2017….

This is the same person who submitted a defamatory profile of me on this site. He no longer uses the number mentioned above. His current address is 15508 Robert Ct, Grass Valley, CA 95949. From reading through the terms of removal, it’s likely that he submitted the defamatory profile of me just so he could get his profile removed from this site (according to Option #1).

Previously, he’d also slandered me on two other sites: and

He falsely paints me as deceitful, lying person just to avoid taking responsibility for his wrongdoing in the past of using me for money when he didn’t follow through with his word on paying me back. That’s how he deals with problems being the man child that he is by putting all blame on others and running away from them.

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Answer #3

One time (when he and I used to be friends), he admitted to finding the bodies of 15-year-old girls sexually attractive. However, he won’t make a move on those teen girls (till they’re at least 18) despite checking them out from a distance. Other than that, he has a weird fetish for Asian women. He happened to briefly show me his porn collection on his cellphone, which mostly consists of Asian women/porn actresses. Also, he has his “secret” stash of nurse hentai DVDs that his guardians don’t know about, and he views them at night whenever he wants.

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Answer #4

His new number that he used to text me in mid-June 2017 is (530) 240-6286. He had it coming for slandering me again on the web and keeping up with this childishness of his. What a petty loser/douchebag.

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Answer #5

According to his sixth ex-girlfriend, he had emailed her younger sister inappropriate pictures of himself disregarding that she’s a minor. This happened after their breakup. She had considered reporting him to the police for this. Luckily, her younger sister didn’t get to see those dirty photos when she got to it before her sister did.

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Answer #6

September 28, 2017:

In the evening, I’d received an unexpected text message from this number (+1 530-292-7284) asking, “Like my big girls butt?” That is followed by a white panty shot with the person apparently trying too hard to be like a girl (as seen from his posture). It looks more like a guy’s butt than a lady’s one. He sure has a horrible taste in panties. I suspect this to be from my ex-guy-friend (Andre) since I don’t know anybody else in Grass Valley, CA. Plus, he has my cellphone number stored under his contacts list. Since he is the type to be stupid and low enough to stoop to this level despite having a girlfriend, that’s expected of him being immature/childish and a sexual deviant with his sick fantasies. He is infamous for his weird sexual fetish of wearing women’s underwear. This is considered sexual harassment when unwelcomed by the recipient…not that I’m fazed by this since it’s hilarious to me. LOL…What a laughable troll.

Knowing him, he likely won’t keep the number for long to avoid detection/getting traced. So, he’s bound to change it easily.

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Answer #7

To explain this dilemma that’d been circulating:

The ex-guy-friend/cyberbully (AJ) is actually the misconstrued one to twist the truth and manipulate it to his advantage just to appear as the innocent one. Much of what he shared with his current girlfriend and some others are lies/exaggerations. He fabricated the story by falsely painting me as a pathetic, desperate, immature girl who undyingly vied for his affections and bought him gifts in order to buy his love. That was the false (made-up) premise he provided to try to explain the continuous online slander of him for being rejected. I’d only made online expository posts with details and screenshot proof in defense to his slander/defamation of me. Whatever else that popped up randomly are no fault of mine when I’d already been done with sharing all that I needed with the public about him. It’s likely that there’s someone else out there who has something against him that’d done the randomly anonymous posting, especially when he’d gone sending inappropriate selfies/sensitive images of himself to other ladies electronically.

The truth is that I was never in love with him nor thought of anything more of him than a friend in the past. He’s the delusional one to believe that he can get any girl to fall for him. It got annoying when he persisted in hitting on me and asking me to be his girlfriend even after I rejected him. His use of dramatics in playing the victim card is how he swayed his girlfriend and friend(s) to totally believe him (which is expected of his gf being blindly in love with him to the point that she sees no fault/wrong in him). [*Note: He had done this in the past when he had continuously spoke of his Ex#4 when he couldn’t let go and move on.] It’s only a gift when intended as such by the giver: holidays, occasional treats (like a meal or a drink) and special occasions like birthdays. He labeled them as “gifts” just as an excuse to relieve himself of taking personal responsibility for his misconduct.

Also, I never actually hacked into his social media account as he’d claimed. That’s just a baseless claim without proof. If he means his pictures, then that’s because he had uploaded them onto social media for public display, which everyone can access. That’s not hacking. If he only had at least half a brain, he’d realize this without jumping to conclusions. It’s just as well that’s he’s not very bright, so that’s expected of him to be this dumb.

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Answer #8

On early Friday afternoon (May 11, 2018), I checked my phone and found that I’d received a text from a number I didn’t recognize: +1 (214) 935-4499. When I opened it, I saw a few purple panty-clad butt shots followed by the message, “I am super wet rn babe, lick my p****?” It turns out that it’s a number available for usage on a free text messaging service (possibly TextFree or TextNow). I figure that it’s Andre Jae Canepa (AJ) since he had texted me that horrible white panty-clad butt shot in late September 2017 with a different mobile number: (530) 292-7284. He does the same thing again by pretending to be a woman like he’s attempting to turn me lesbian. 😆 The idiot making an ass of himself again…

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