Sex Predator Top5 aka Hassan Ali arrested for sexual assault and gun charges Toronto Rapper Top 5 Canada Somalian Wannabe Toronto Rapper Top5 aka Hassan Ali has been arrested by Toronto Police and charged with several criminal offences that include aggravated sexual assault, gang rape of a minor, gun charges, drug trafficking, etc. This talentless child molester Top 5 aka Hassan Ali (more like Bottom 5, lol) is currently jail held without bail. This 4.9 inch midget pedophile Top5 aka Hassan Ali is accused viciously raping a virgin 13 year old white girl at gun point (that included forced anal sex on her) and he shared the young unconscious rape victim with at least 5 other filthy disgusting Somalian vermin who raped the young victim repeatedly. This kiddie P0RN lover Top5 aka Hassan Ali even video taped the sex assault on his phone and shared it with his pals, which is why he is also facing charges of making and distributing child pornography! This child sex pervert Top 5 aka Hassan Ali was born in shithole Somalia and came to Canada as a refugee. His father left this mother and re-married while they all were leeching welfare in Dixon. Top5 aka Hassan Ali is 36 years old but he tells people he is only 21 years old, LMAO! Google all the media reports that show Top 5 aka Hassan Ali’s arrest records in Toronto, Durham region, Ottawa, Edmonton and many other places that lists his true age. This hideously ugly clown Top5 aka Hassan Ali is not only the laughing stock of the hip-hop community but he is old AF! This child rapist Top 5 aka Hassan Ali has a lengthy list of criminal convictions that include armed bank robbery, drug trafficking, kidnapping, manslaughter, attempted murder, theft… all the more reasons why this diddler sexual offender can not enter the United States because Top5 aka Hassan Ali is a registered sex offender. No wonder this serial child rapist Top 5 aka Hassan Ali can not get a legitimate job. This violent criminal Top5 aka Hassan Ali has raped many children, many young boys and girls under the age of 13 and police found a large repository of photos and videos of the kiddie sex assaults on t his phone when he was arrested. Recently this pedo Top 5 aka Hassan Ali was even arrested by mall security when he was caught stealing sneakers from Foot Locker at Yorkdale Mall. Stay away from this hella nasty African trash… or if seen in public, cal 911 and report his pedophile ass!

Phone number: Location: Toronto Ontario Canada State: Minnesota Email: inquiries@6ixbuzzent.com

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Sep 28, 2020

EXPOSED!!! Derya Abdullah is a prostitute who has sex with lots of old men for money! Toronto Windsor Ontario Canada Awww. Poor hooker slut Derya Abdullah. This freaky looking dumb whore with pounds of makeup thinks Google is the only search engine (looool) out there and the dumb also think Google will do a worldwide search removal, lmfao! Hawww yeeaah son, this beeyootch Derya Abdullah be the biggest undacova prostitute takin after her bff hoe bag Aneeqa Farid. There be nuff photos of Derya Abdullah chillin’ and loungin’ with old grandpa suggar daddy mofos on her fukkk trips with Aneeqa Farid, Jasrina, Rabea, Amna n all dem hoez. Derya Abdullah got at least a 100 dude body count (thanks to her bestie Aneeqa) and most of dem homies be old geezerz ova 65 years old. we be postin photos of Derya Abdullah, Jasrina, Aneeqa with dem old fellas on their Vegas trip. Derya Abdullah be smashed by 5 old asf dudes for $2K a pop! Aneeqa’s sugar daddy Lester be poppin’ Derya Abdullah in the raw for 5 g’s and he also smashed Derya Abdullah from the back in her booootaaay hole. Derya Abdullah n aneeqa farid had s*x with many dudes togetha chaisn’ clout n’ gettin’ paid to be dickked by old married MFers for dirty cash monay! Videos of Derya Abdullah partayin it up with skanky thot Aneeqa in greece and turkey be posted all ova youtube. Derya Abdullah always been a lowkey escort in Toronto Windsor. Derya Abdullah be lookin’ like a dude with no makup on… lol Derya Abdullah is a big time drug addict who sniffs coke does heroin… and she be a alcoholic who be boozin’ up 24/7/365. She be hella easy to bang n s*x up on da a random. Derya Abdullah’s gyal Aneeqa’s been exposed as a sugar baby hooker who be gettin’ dicked by old granpas… now time 4 Derya Abdullah to be exposed y’all

Phone number: Location: Toronto Windsor Ontario Canada State: Minnesota Email: aneeqafarid@gmail.com

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Jun 17, 2020

Paul Zachary Myers

Phone number: (320) 589-6343 Location: Morris State: Minnesota Email: myersp@morris.umn.edu

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Nov 27, 2019

Mike cline

Phone number: (651) 772-2256 Location: Saint paul State: Minnesota Email: Anthonytalbot@live.com

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Dec 26, 2018

Madina Hassan (aka. Amber Gasla Gazla Hassan), 42 years old of the Dixon Road area of Toronto (on Ontario, Canada) is a serial Somali crook and a convicted criminal that the public needs to be aware of because she is back to selling drugs and weapons after she just got released from prison on parole!!! The public needs to BEWARE of this filthy animal from the jungles!!! Read more about her arrests all over the internet. Madina Hassan was picked up by Toronto Police in an early morning raid on June, 2013 from her apartment. Madina Hassan is a Somali refugee who has is a mother to over 13 children with several different fathers that she and her kids have no clue about. Madina Hassan’s children have been taken away by the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) on several occasions until they were permanently taken away. Madina Hassan has been a filthy disgusting criminal her entire life. She has convictions for guns and weapons offenses, robbery and theft, drugs (she is also a drug abuser), prostitution, etc. Madina Hassan is a violent thug who has been convicted of aggravated assault and many other offences against innocent people. Madina Hassan also has STDs including AIDS and various other diseases. Madina Hassan even has kids through incest (fathered by her own brother and first cousins). Madina Hassan’s entire life has been a failure but then again we can’t expect much from an uneducated hideous looking freak like this monster that makes us all puke in disgust. The public needs to be leery and stay away from this Madina Hassan freak and call police at once if this crook is walking the streets or approaches you or your loved ones.

Phone number: Location: Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontariom Canada State: Minnesota Email:

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Jul 14, 2018

Ernie Chrysler

Phone number: Location: Canada State: Minnesota Email: ErnieChryslerlovespeen@gmail.com

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Apr 8, 2018

Mike Lindell

Phone number: Location: Minneapolis State: Minnesota Email:

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Mar 11, 2018

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