Darren Ambler aka……Darren Scott Ambler:

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This guy is a womanizer- predator that stalks his prey on the Internet. He is obsessed with Internet Dating Web sites. He was registered on at least 12 dating websites at one time. The issue is Darren Ambler is looking for sex only…He does not want a commitment. He wants to use females- play around have fun and prove his man hood. This guy is sick in the head. He appears to have a unhealthy obsession with sex. He has had one night stands and now seeks females for short term sexual relationships. He is a con-man- liar – cheater and pervert. He stalks his female victims on line. Darren Ambler targets females at least 80 miles from his hometown. That way he will not be discovered. He can carry on his sex affairs far away from family- friends and co-workers. This dude will use and hurt people emotionally. He is careless and doesn’t use common sense. It is unlikely he uses any protection when engaging in intercourse. He is cunning and knows he will probably get away with this as long as he does it. However- hopefully he will slip up and doing something that gets him in trouble with law enforcement. He is using and violating women by charming them, having sex and eventually dumping the person and moving on. Sex is all he can offer- look at that face it certainly is not appealing or attractive. His body is bones and flesh.. He has a perverted mind and even took his own nude photos and sent them via the Internet to literal strangers. This guy is certainly not normal.

Answers Answered By: taurus_3078 [1 Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Continued….Darren Ambler can be nasty when confronted. He feels he can does he pleases with no consequence. He basically flaunts the fact that he knowingly gets away with stalking women on line. Securing meetings-then fulfilling his sick sexual lust. He has a filthy mind and not a moral bone in his ugly shriveled up body. He attempts to impress his Prey with talk about his private parts. His private parts are un-impressive. He was most of his life rejected by women and he had a serious complex. Darren Ambler discovered a way to gain attention- fulfill his sick sex desires and prove his manhood.

He does not care one bit whom he hurts or scars for life. Darren Ambler was a previous drug addict. Spent time in a Hospital over 8 years ago for treatment. He was diagnosed as a compulsive chronic liar and drug abuser. He claims to be free from drugs now- but it appears the sex addiction took the place of his previous drug addiction. Darren needs to mature mentally. He is acting like a 16 year old male going through puberty. He needs a lesson in Morality-101- he needs to be put in his place- he needs to be hurt and used himself too see what it feels like. Sime feel he is a menace to society. Darren started his perverted sex career by engaging in filthy sex acts with one night stands. Then he progressed to shirt term sex relationships…He may even be getting some reward for being with these women….Maybe cash, who knows. He is always looking out for what he can get out of someone else. A very sick and insecure man. His view of the world and life in general makes no sense. He appears to live in his own world- a world in which he is in charge and he makes his own rules and regulations.

Anyone whom attempts to talk any sense into Darren Ambler is ridiculed by him to no end. Mr Ambler is always right- never wrong: Therefore- he must be the second GOD. Not only is h perverted – Darren seems to get a thrill out of having sex with older women. maybe he feels like a bigger man if he is able to bring an older female to satisfaction. What a sick and screwed up individual. When he is exposed he becomes irate and threatens others. Please ladies BEWARE. Be cautious on dating web-sites. Do not allow this man to con you. Darren needs a rude of wakening along with intensive psychiatric therapy. Possibly counseling and medication. It seems Mr Ambler’s part of the brain responsible for rationale- decision making- feelings-immediate response is diminished. The problem is he does not agree. Darren really feels he is 100% normal.

Answers Answered By: taurus_3078 [1 Grey Star Level]

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