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This is the most absurd site that I have seen. Why someone would take the time to copy my face and list me as a “Predator” is so sad. You must be a very pathetic coward to go on to an offshore anonymous website to post lies about someone else. If you really know me, you would know that this is just another piece of evidence that will be used against you in court in September when I come back.
I promise you that I will meet you in court soon for this defamation, as well as the testimonies that you have provided me while I have been gone, because I am sure that you know that your IP address can be tracked. If not, ask your husband. Then ask Shaun where Josh was all night Tuesday, May 24th.

Answers Answered By: swadester [6 Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Wade I am sorry you our going through same mess I am going through. I am listed on this website as a Predator. This is a malicious attack upon my name and is causing severe damage to my reputation. I intend to pursue this to the highest resolve. I am in no way a “predator ” . I have never been accused of such disgusting behavior. I have tried to get job and everytime I try to get job this post comes up and they ask me about it, I tell them this is a scam website and they still dont hire me because of it. I even went to get my police record to show them proof and they said I could have removed one of the papers. This has even mess up my bank loan, Bank will not even give me loan because it comes up in the report. this website will not even contact me, i have email them about 200 times without no reply. I did find out that this website is a big scam and fraud. I found info about this website

I did contact the FBI and they tried to go to this website and it had them blocked. I have been on this site for 2 years now. Do you have any information that can help me and you so we can get off this scam site so i can get my life back?

Wade how did you get posted on this website? Did you respond to ad on Craig’s List calling for extras? or did your EX post you on here?

Answers Answered By: Chris Meredith [2 Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

No, I did nothing at all; and this has nothing to do with an ex. I built a company with someone that knows nothing about business, and she attempted a hostile takeover. Instead of fighting daily, I just decided to leave and started another company like it, except without all of the problems that she was causing internally. Now my life is good and the new company is growing strong, but she just can’t stand it.
Despite me putting in my exit agreement that neither party would say disparaging remarks, she is someone who spends the majority of her time looking for ways to try to hurt other people; which is the only reason the other business is failing.
My email was hacked and forwarded to their email address. I drew unemployment immediately after leaving, and she took the time to write them a lengthy email claiming I had committed fraud. I have former clients willing to testify in reference to things she, and the two minions that work for her, have said about me.
Now, I see that she posted lies about me claiming that I cheated on my wife with a coworker who left that company with me. And here, where it says that I am an “Active Predator,” that had sex with a 14 yr-old boy. It’s all ridiculous, and unfortunate that I have to spend time on such petty garbage.
As for helping you resolve your issue, it may be a little different as you do not know who is posting these things. In my case, it is easy to identify the culprit, as I have only known one person who is this this stupid, dishonest, devious & resentful. Therefore I have an attorney who is subpoenaing these companies to obtain the IP address from where these post were made.
You can pay to remove you from these sites within a week; however if there is more than one site, it may be better to hire an attorney so that you can prove who did it to you and go after damages. My attorney wants them to stay up until he gets the information that he needs from the companies, and then he will have them removed. He is afraid that if I have them removed now, he will not be able to get the evidence that he needs to pursue the defamation case.
This site and the cheaters website are both off-shore companies, so there are more steps that he has to go through to get the information. It is just frustrating for me to leave them up in the meantime because there are some jackasses out there who may think this crap is legitimate. Although I must say that if I were in your shoes, I would probably just pay to have it removed and avoid the hassle it is causing you.
I hope that this helps. Good luck!

Answers Answered By: swadester [6 Grey Star Level]
Answer #5

Thanks for posting about creeps and creepsters.

Answers Answered By: Iwillexposethis [6 Grey Star Level]
Answer #6

Well, they say that the only people that will ever see this garbage are the ones posting to it. Trolling creeper sites is pretty creepy, Will.

Answers Answered By: swadester [6 Grey Star Level]
Answer #7

Sorry but no troll or creep is here. If in fact you were defamed then I will support you-one hundred percent. If not then it is your just due. I do not know you so my mind can swing either way. Defamation is wrong. Predators are wrong. Both are always seen to be wrong with me.

Answers Answered By: Iwillexposethis [6 Grey Star Level]

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